As above, so below

Leon d'Avigdor Film specializes in films that reflect this ancient saying traditionally attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. It means that we aim at producing films which explore men's life from a universal perspective integrating art, science, and perennial philosophy.


Leon d'Avigdor Film is a German film production company specializing in documentaries that explore the deeper meaning of life.

Our first project under this new brand name is the Between the Lines, a documentary about the Canadian-American painter Agnes Martin. Information about two upcoming projects will be published here soon.

We are also open for all kinds of cooperation with filmmakers, scientists, fine and performing artists, spiritual teachers etc. sharing the idea of a truly holistic perspective on humanity presented in groundbreaking documentaries and art movies.

Please come back soon to check for updates.





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About Company

Leon d'Avigdor Film is a film production company based in Munich, Germany.


You can order your DVD from this website or from local bookstores. For classroom use or public screenings please contact us by email.

Contact and Imprint

As to the current situation you are requested to contact us by email only.
Leon d'Avigdor Film
Leonrodstr. 42
D-80636 Muenchen
+49 89  90411904