Leon d'Avigdor, Founder-Director


Born into an international family and raised close to the Dutch-German border, Leon d'Avigdor later spent important periods of his life in North-America, particularly in Taos (New Mexico) and New York City.

Following professional training in dance and acting, he worked as actor for stage and screen as well as assistant-director, scriptwriter and TV producer for more than a decade. Leon also studied philosophy, psychology and counseling and trained in various therapeutic methods. Since 1999, he has been working with individuals, couples and groups on personal and spiritual evolution.

At the age of only 13 Leon met Joseph Beuys when he invited him on his own, after seeing an exhibition, to hold a lecture at his boarding school. This early encounter marked the beginning of an ongoing relationship which lasted until Beuys's death. Later, Leon became a Beuys student at the Free International University and participated with his teacher in Name June Paik’s "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" project.

Today, Leon gives workshops, trainings and individual sessions combining therapeutical, creative, and spiritual approaches. His creative work broadens to include painting, poetry, and more recently performances. He is also a frequent speaker and contributor to various magazines. As a producer-director of documentaries exploring the borders between art and/or science and spirituality he has recently founded Leon d'Avigdor Film as an independent production company.

About Company

Leon d'Avigdor Film is a film production company based in Munich, Germany, with a US representative office in Taos, New Mexico.

About Founder-Director Leon d'Avigdor


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